ICEBERG TECHNOLOGIES is founded in 2017 February by Berkin Imamoglu as an AI Consultancy company. Company is working on Artificial Technologies and its usage in people’s daily life. Service areas are divided under three categories; which are Consultancy Services, Deep Learning Projects and ICE Academy.



ICE MEDICINE: Company is focuses on merging AI advantages on different fields of medicine. Company is currently working on supportive systems to doctors and medical specialists.


Consultancy Services: Company is aiming to serve as a consultancy company to each individual who are positive to getting the benefits of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in their services and products. By implementing Multidisciplinary approach to our consultancy services is letting us to understand your companies problems more effectively.


Deep Learning Projects: Company is aiming to implement Deep Learning Technologies to people’s daily lives. To do this, team is also experimenting and handling different sectors problems and trying its best to find a solution by developing web and mobile products.


ICE ACADEMY: Company is aiming to create an online & physical class environment where each individual get Deep Learning & Machine Learning Classes by drawing a specific path to his career.

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